Making of Collapse.Ignore

  19.09.2018   admin

During the last 2 years I have written, recorded and mixed Collapse.Ignore the album. It was a unique experience for me because it didn’t look like a classic band record.

Dmitriy Fedorov – In the Studio

  22.08.2018   admin

Some studio footage that was shot while working on a new album Collapse.Ignore for my project Migration Period Additional recordings for this album I was made at Decord Studio. Many thanks

New studio album as Migration Period band.

  13.08.2018   admin

I’m glad to announce a new studio album as the band format. It’s the conceptual producer’s work combines the mood of different music genres like a dark prog, eclectic art-rock

Dmitriy Fedorov in collaboration with Feodor Stepanoff released a mystical ambient piece.

  17.04.2018   admin

Dmitriy Fedorov, a musician, producer and a composer, in collaboration with Feodor Stepanoff, a director and a scriptwriter, recorded a dark and atmospheric track called «Volokno (Fiber)». This ambient track

Dmitriy Fedorov create new mixing for Neon Winchester song.

  25.01.2018   admin

Many years ago I wrote a song which I called “Lullaby”. I’m not recorded and released this song. The song just to lay in my work laptop and I completely

Mellowne – Unreleased Album

  21.11.2017   admin

New studio project

  22.05.2017   admin

I’m glad to announce work on a new musical project called Migration Period. This time the album will contain songs with elements of progressive rock, shoegaze, jazz-rock and post-grunge. It