Many years ago I wrote a song which I called “Lullaby”. I’m not recorded and released this song. The song just to lay in my work laptop and I completely forgot about it. In 2017 my music friends from Kazakhstan, the band Neon Winchester asked me about song for their debut album called “21 grams”. I was sure that the “Lullaby” perfectly complement their album. They arranged and recorded completely new version the song with electronic drums, pads and soft guitars. The title was changed on “Migratory birds”. I was liked this version. So I decided create own version of mixing in this year. I adding more ambient stuff and noise, everything what I like. This is not remix of the song. This is more complicated work of mixing this song on my own vision. The song on beautiful Russian language but I hope this song will enjoy it to my English friends too.

Cheers. DF