kиtt – Внезапно

  8.07.2021   admin

Godprayer – So Serious

  28.06.2021   admin

Ann Vayer – Shady Lanes

  15.12.2020   admin


  3.12.2020   admin

Yæna – Otrajenie

  17.11.2020   admin

Sabina – Dramatic

  21.09.2020   admin

Théo – U Exist

  22.07.2019   admin

Migration Period – Collapse.Ignore

  16.01.2019   admin

The new studio album by Dmitry Fedorov’s prog-rock project Migration Period will be released on the 30th of September, 2018, on Floise Records. The concept producer’s work combines the mood

Dmitriy Fedorov – Consistence

  25.01.2018   admin

Russian musician and producer Dmitriy Fedorov announced the release of his debut solo album called Consistence. It will be the first solo work of the musician released under his own