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Project Details

Date: 16.01.2019

The new studio album by Dmitry Fedorov’s prog-rock project Migration Period will be released on the 30th of September, 2018, on Floise Records. The concept producer’s work combines the mood of progressive rock, the eclecticism of art-rock, the drive of shoogase and alternative genres. Collapse.Ignore gathers nine vocal and instrumental stories about life in the modern world in the era of human’s self-isolation from the society.

«Collapse.Ignore – is like two opposite parts of a single unit, and these parts are very different. Yin and Yang of human nature. On one hand we are in the center of the world situation, wars, political games and relationships between people now. And on other hand we are not really bothered by anything except ourselves in fact. We are just closed from everything very often.»

The guest musicians took part in the record of the album: Wojtek Deregowski (Drums), Sergey Gordeev (Drums and Percussion), Artem Lapin (Bass), Vadim Khvatyk (guitars), Sergey Silvachev (Fretless Bass). They brought special contribution into the album’s mood and sound.

Talented photographer and designer Alina Hoile created incredible album’s artwork and visual atmosphere for this album which completely reflects the mood of the music.