Yelena Borisova – Odinokaya Grust

  16.09.2022   admin

Dmitriy Fedorov feat. Feodor Stepanoff – Volokno

  16.01.2019   admin

Dmitriy Fedorov  in collaboration with Feodor Stepanoff, a director and a scriptwriter, recorded a dark and atmospheric track called «Volokno (Fiber)». This ambient track lasts 11 minutes and tells on

Dmitriy Fedorov – Coffee Shop in Berkeley

  16.01.2019   admin

Original Music for Theatrical Performances called “Coffee Shop In Berkeley” staged by directors Feodor Stepanoff Victor Alferov Yulia Vozlyublennaya in 2017 in Moscow.

Dmitriy Fedorov – Consistence

  25.01.2018   admin

Russian musician and producer Dmitriy Fedorov announced the release of his debut solo album called Consistence. It will be the first solo work of the musician released under his own