Musician.Producer.Mixing Engineer

My passion for music began at quite an early age. Basically it was all about experiments. I did a lot of different records, studied and learned this fabulous science, learned to play various instruments. I always found something particularly musical in various noises that surrounded me.
The first time I heard the noise of vinyl records was at the age of four, and I was completely enthralled by it. I liked this noise. I accelerated or stopped the record and watched the result.

I was born at the period of fusion of two technologies: analog and digital. I was inspired by warm analog sound, but at the same time I was attracted by mysteries and possibilities of digital sound. And I think that the best option is to find harmony between these two technologies and try to take and use the best from each one.
I like to record any segment of sound, whether on the street or somewhere else, and then change it beyond recognition in my studio. You never know how unexpected the result can be. You just continue to work until you hear this: “Ok! This is what I like, hands off.”

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