In this section you’ll find my experiments with sounds, my samples and patches and sound design projects.

The Architecture of Sound #2 - Work on "Volokno" sound textures.

About Project

A short video about the process of working on sound textures for the track Volokno which was released by me earlier in 2017. I came up not quite standard to write some of the sounds. I tried to use the environment at my home and studio.
You can find the track here – Listen

Making of Collapse.Ignore

Making of Collapse.Ignore - Part Two

About Project

During the last 2 years I have written, recorded and mixed Collapse.Ignore the album. It was a unique experience for me because it didn’t look like a classic band record. I came to the studio and worked on different part of the album or song. It’s could be drums part or keys or guitars recording or something else. My main idea as a producer was to preserve the integrity and general flow of the album and try to convey emotions through my music. One wonderful part of this album is the musicians which I was able to work with. In the recording process, we shot a small video notes. It’s not exactly professional filming. It’s just for the history.

The Architecture of Sound

About Project

Sound design for visual project called “The Architecuture of Your Sound” The basic idea of the project is to show that everything has its own sound. You can record any kind of noise or sound, whether it’s wind, instruments or industrial sounds and turn it into an incredible sound canvas.

Bad Dream

About Project

I want to write a soundtrack for Horror movie.


About Project

My little experiments of the sound, guitars and textures.

Blackout - Opening Theme (Concept)

About Project

The concept of the opening titles for indie games called “BlackOut”. Unfortunately the project was never launched. But I decided to keep this work for my portfolio.