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Théo – U Exist

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Migration Period – Collapse.Ignore

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The new studio album by Dmitry Fedorov’s prog-rock project Migration Period will be released on the 30th of September, 2018, on Floise Records. The concept producer’s work combines the mood

Oleg Faikhner – War

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Surround Stereo Mixing for the wonderful composer Oleg Faikhner and his brilliant atmospheric track called “War”. Mixing performed by me at my Dark Echo Studio

Neon Winchester – Migratory Birds

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Many years ago I wrote a song which I called “Lullaby”. I’m not recorded and released this song. The song just to lay in my work laptop and I completely

Dmitriy Fedorov feat. Feodor Stepanoff – Volokno

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Dmitriy Fedorov  in collaboration with Feodor Stepanoff, a director and a scriptwriter, recorded a dark and atmospheric track called «Volokno (Fiber)». This ambient track lasts 11 minutes and tells on

Dmitriy Fedorov – Coffee Shop in Berkeley

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Original Music for Theatrical Performances called “Coffee Shop In Berkeley” staged by directors Feodor Stepanoff Victor Alferov Yulia Vozlyublennaya in 2017 in Moscow.

Dmitriy Fedorov – Consistence

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Russian musician and producer Dmitriy Fedorov announced the release of his debut solo album called Consistence. It will be the first solo work of the musician released under his own